APC Crisis: Party Leaders Write Tinubu; Allege Aregbesola Boys In Alimosho Are After Their Lives.

Chieftains of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in Alimosho area of Lagos State have written an open letter to the national leader of the party and the APC chief peace missioner, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu urging him to save them from political acolytes of Governor Rauf Aregbesola in Alimosho who are allegedly plotting to assassinate them.
In a open letter advertorial in today’s edition of The Nation newspaper signed by Chief Olu Bakare, Alhaji Babs Kareem and Chief Olu Abel Badejo called on the national leader to wade into the leadership crisis in the area before it degenerates into an implosion. They described as reprehensive the plot by the Aregbesola lackeys to silence leaders and members who hold opposing opinions using every means possible. The concerned party chieftains also called on Tinubu to warn Aregbesola group not to impose their candidates at the forthcoming congress vowing to resist such attempt. They wrote, “ As you are aware sir, Alimosho Federal Constituency is currently enveloped by a serious disagreement occasioned on one hand by the strange and unjustifiable placement of the leadership in our territory in the hands of inexperienced Abdullahi Enilolobo by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and on the other by the insensitivity , brigandage , corruption,avarice and blatant disregard to basic tenets of democracy abd responsibility by a group of four cabals (G4) who tramples on the people’s rights with impunity” “ These cabals, (Chief Solomon Ogundola , Abdullahi Enilolobo, Yisa Yusuf and Waheed Orire) live virtually on our councils as they extort from them , corner contracts available and give political offices to their cronies and girlfriends . The result of these is that while they are feeding fat and building houses from the system the majority live a life of savagery and/or are left to die in penury. “Can you imagine , sir, that Enilolobo who has no known means of livelihood has built 15 houses within a space of 12 years while Yisa Yusuf who left us in 2005 to join PDP has built 7 houses since coming back into our fold . Our people now live in ‘Animal farm’ and whoever tries to escape will be cast out as being rebellious to Ogbeni Aregbesola. “Signs that all was not well came into limelight during the last local government elections when majority of aspirants and party members insisted on having the primaries as against the age-long practice of Alimosho speaking with one voice. “Even though the warped process of nomination of candidates supposedly had Ogbeni Aregbesola’s usual input , imprint and approval , the decision was rejected because the people knew that it was the cabals that actually influenced it. “Were it not for the automatic ticket you gave to chairmen who had only served one term, five councils in our territory would have gone up in flame because the people were ready to reject the decision which the cabals foisted on them with all legal means. In fact, that was the time the unconstitutional and undemocratic claim of a monolithic Alimosho (Alimosho is one) died and was buried. “We are proud of you , sir, as the Chief reconciliator of our party which deservedly makes you the conscience of the APC and the nation. We agree with you that arbitration and reconciliation are the tools to move party politics forward but the cabals in Alimosoho are just not receptive to opposing views and have a winner takes all. The reconciliation committee of our part which listened to all the aggrieved party members had asked us to maintain peace and await their report. “But the cabals led by Enilolobo has continued to undermine reconciliation process. Apparently afraid of the likely outcomes of the committee report, they have since revved up ember of discord stoke up tension and put the lives of party members in danger , shamelessly embarking on a hurried ‘visitation’ to LCDAs where they cast aspersions on their perceived enemies before party members , all in the name of Ogbeni Aregbesola. “These Alimosho cabals on Wednesday and Thursday (April 4 and 5, 2018) respectively placed a siege on the six local governments in our territory and used gun wielding policemen, members of the OP-MESA , DSS Men , known thugs and cult members in an attempt to hold a meeting by fire by thunder . “ Their visitations to these LCDAs revealed the level of discomfort s of party members , against the so-called leaders. People found it difficult to cheer them on arrival (as it is usally done)and the worst was to come when members refused to stand up for the popular ON YOUR MANDATE WE SHALL STAND. It was that bad. “They equally stated that Alimosho is peculiar and so has no business with congress as they are going to fill up all the party posts. They claimed that the list of EXCO members (from ward to LGA and state)has already been drawn up by them. They also with impunity, announced their candidates for all political of the coming general elections, claiming they are less concerned about party primaries. As usual, they were quick to mention the name of Ogbeni Aregbesola as their sponsor. “ We are not unaware of their closeness to Aregbesola but we are sure that this man cannot be encouraging war and brigandage in Alimosho or anywhere else. We believe in democracy and will not want to join them in such show of shame and that is why all we are asking for is a level playing ground in the coming congress. “ We are very worried that our territory , which used to be the saving grace for the state in terms of quality of votes, has suddenly slumped because of the actions of these cabals who are still not remorseful but keep grandstanding that they have Alimosho in their pockets. What an unfortunate situation! “This is why we are calling on you, as the father of TINUBU COUNTRY, to please use your good offices to help us restore sanity in Alimosho because we don’t doubt that they are up to something dangerous because they cannot be going about such impunity without a motive. “Also, we are yet to come to terms with why these cabals have continued to show enmity to leaders whose wealth of experience has been of immense benefit to Alimosho especially since they are the one that are still persuading our people and making contributions to keep the members of the party going “Strangely, sir, the cabals have consistently excluded many eminently qualified people from the leadership arrangement of our territory apparently because they themselves know that it is very absurd and highly unspeakable to say that Enilolobo is now the apex leader in Alimosho where we have the following people: Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, a former member of the House of Assembly , former commissioner, former deputy governor and now SSA to Mr President Onibiyo Adelabu, two term member of the Lagos State House of Assembly Tayo Oduntan, Deputy Chief Whip of the Lagos State House of Assembly Chief Adio Balogun(Baba Eleran), foremost grassroots politician Deacon Isaac Omoregie, former LGA Secretary, and former Education Secretary of Alimosho Local Government Education Authority Lateef Ibirogba, former Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy. Waheed Bello, former councilor and two-term chairman of Egbe-Idimu LCDA Hon Abdul-Rasheed Mafe, former vice-chairman and two-term chairman of Moson Okunola LCDA. Hon Sola Adekunle, former leader of the House and two-term chairman of Alimosho Local Government amongst other distinguished men and woman who are keeping the party’ flag flying

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