2019: Youths Council endorse Direct Primaries

Bello Shagari, new NYCN president The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has endorsed direct primaries and has called on political parties to adopt it like the All Progressives Congress (APC) has done at the national level. This is even as the council commended APC for adopting direct primaries while berating states and some political parties that had adopted indirect primaries. In a statement issued on Monday by the President of the Council Bello Shagari, the NYCN said that their position was part of efforts at protecting the interest of youths across Nigeria. The Council noted that with the passage of the Not Too Young to Run Bill, only direct primaries could compliment efforts to get the youth fully involved in vying for electoral offices. “As a united Youth Council representing the interest of Nigerian youth, it has become necessary to us to call on relevant stakeholders to ensure they adopt Direct Primaries. “The process of Direct Primaries is more democratic and will also help reduce the excessive use of money during primaries thereby giving the youths the opportunity to measure their popularity. “It is therefore surprising and disappointing to us, as a Youth Council, that some states will prefer the (old system) of indirect that direct primaries. “Summarily, to aid the youth’s aspiration and help actualize their dream, Youth Council advocates for Direct Primaries in all the political parties<” he said. The council used the opportunity to remind politicians that interest of the youth council is not in any political party but the Nigerian Youth from all political parties, and even those without parties.

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