This is a very serious case and should not be treated with kids gloves. Online Journalist Princess Aladegoroye is currently receiving treatment as we speak at a General hospital since being admitted yesterday when the fight happened. I spoke to her through the phone this afternoon and she explained how she was assaulted by the staff of Ikeja Electric yesterday. She sent in all these photos with the caption ”Princess Aladegoroye an online Journalist was assaulted by the staff of Ikeja Electric on 28th of March 2018 while on assignment shooting a documentary in Ikeja.She was at her god father’s house where the project were being recorded and the staff of Ikeja Electric came to disconnect Alhaji Umuaru power supply from the pole, having paid N100:000:00 naira for prepaid meter and the meter was not supply to the house,she pleaded with the NEPA official not to cut the light and the bill they were bringing was paid even after the one hundred thousand they still kept bringing bill which Alhaji Umaru had been paying.They insisted and cut off the light and princess took the picture of the wire they cut off and the personnel,one madam Kehinde who led Ikeja Electric team pounce on Princess and gave her a beating of her life.Her phone was destroyed and taken away and she was bleeding from her nose and coughing out blood.The matter was reported to the police and she collapsed and rushed to the hospital. She is currently fighting for her life at the hospital at the time of filling this report”.I will like to hear from the Ikeja Electric to know what disciplinary actions they are taking or if possible there own side of the story as my blog is not out to tarnish anybody or organization image but to get the facts of the case from hearing from both sides.More photos below.

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