SEN. OLUREMI TINUBU bags iconic award : CHAMPION OF WIDOWS, LOVER OF HUMANITY PLATINUM AWARD at the 14th edition of the LAGOS-KEJA CITY AWARDS billed for 08/12/2019.

What has prompted this new garland one may wonder?
Earlier in the year she inaugurated a scheme to carter to the total welfare of a most vulnerable group in our society - the Childless Widow!
    A housing complex to accommodate, empower and train "Childless Widows" - a less talked about demography that suffers double jeopardy(dead husband,  no child) in our widow unfriendly society.
   The house is called "Patience House" named after her mother  princess Patience Ikusebiala.
This is truly commendable especially as the funding for it is not part of her constituency project but rather sourced from sacrificial personal finances.
      Better known as the wife of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC national leader and former of governor of Lagos state, she has since carved a niche for herself.
     Rather than luxuriate in opulence, she has chosen the road less taken of hard work, contributions and empathy. A solution provider to identified societal problems.
   Which is the longest running and probably the most impactful "First Lady Pet Project in the history of Nigeria?
  Without doubt, It possibly is the Spelling Bee Programme!! The Winner becomes  "One Day Governor of Lagos state!!! It was deliberately restricted to only public schools to ensure great exposure and motivation for children of the masses.
   Started in 1999, 20 years is a long time and many of the winners and participants were motivated and assisted into greatness. They are now sound professionals in diverse sectors.
 The programme is still ongoing and running. It would surely be interesting to have a reunion of all past participants.
      Her New Era Foundation has also been in the vanguard of Elderly Citizen  Assistance Scheme, Women Empowerment Schemes, Girlchild Education projects, Youths Development Schemes and Philanthropy to alleviate the plight of the indigent persons.
   These and many other contributions have earned her accolades and appreciation from all over the world including a prestigious national award : Officer of the Order Of the Niger- OON
     Senator Oluremi  Tinubu is a third term senator which makes her the longest serving  female senator of the federal republic presently.
   The Lagos-Ikeja CITY AWARD  therefore pronounce her as most deserving of our iconic - CHAMPION OF WIDOWS, LOVER OF HUMANITY PLATINUM AWARD
     She has a BSC in education from OAU, and originally hails from the Ikusebiala family of Ogun state. Her mother is a princess of the  itsekiris .
    We are indeed proud to attest to her uncommon effort, simplicity and empathy with our colourful garland. She is a true role  model worthy of emulation.


  1. Madam Remi Tinubu supercede just a Senator. She is a woman of God and she real behave as one that God has given to our Generation. She is full of impact. Thank you for considering her for this award, though she deserved more.

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