Politics, is another game of chess. It requires intellect, foresight, pre-emption, wits and comportment. A rash, hasty and non-calculative politician does not thrive. Most successful politicians have a mind of their own and know when to strike and also when to remain still.
Recent events in Zamfara State is fast separating grains from the chaff in the field of politics. A scenario was created, unique in Nigerian political experience, where winners proved to be losers in a twinkle of an eye. The state has persistently been whipped silly by a consistent class of politicians whose arrogance landed them in a pit of political hell and in the same turn of event, Bello Muhammad was catapulted into blaze of glory by fiat of providence.
Hence, those who lost have become wild and acutely desperate. In their swipe rampage and vengeance, they tactically lure the fiddle minded and weak in political vision to turn their backs on the emerging glory now in dominance in the political landscape of the state.
In quick succession, a confidant of His Excellency, Governor Bello Muhammad, Alhaji Jamilu Aliyu, whom he graciously made his campaign Director and supported him in all ways imaginable, and later offered him the slot of a Cabinet member, rejected the offer via a media message, ostensibly to embarrass His Excellency and, on his own part, soar up his political rating in the state. He goofed big time.
Next, a close relative of His Excellency, whom the Governor dusted up and cleaned for better home responsibilities in the person of Lawwali Izala, fell to the beckon of the losers to use his only weapon of being blood relation of the Governor to gauge out a lot of rubbish, a ranting of a glorified political nonenetity but only known to those who know.
Now, a seemingly high profile politician who, in fact, is an empty canon, Alhaji Bakauye, was trumpeted as additional loss to the Party of His Excellency, Governor Bello Muhammad. They tout him as a contestant against the Governor in the last PDP primary, but failed to say he garnered only 5 votes in the primary elections, a fact that point to his near total irrelevance in the Party.
Now, we have said so much before on these developments. We have no more to say on these issues again other than those who attempted to disrespect His Excellency by going to the media to gauge out rubbish have done it for themselves. We may not have seen the end of this type of desperate gimmicks, but those who live by politics of vendetta will certainly continue to end in penury. Today, the citizens in Zamfara State have all united in common pursuit for the goals and aspirations they so much cherish, which the administration of Bello Muhammad is excellently translating for them into undisputable reality.

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